How we came to be

In 2006 a social worker and a criminologist put their heads together to create a study trip in which scientific classes would be combined with field trips to see knowledge being applied in daily practice. They wanted this study trip to be remembered as a professional turning event; a trip that would be recalled years later when students would be working as professionals themselves, sometimes looking for different answers to old questions. 

We created a trip that took the best from both worlds; from renowned scholars giving classroom lectures to field professionals taking students around their work field thereby talking to clients about their experiences, their stories, their worlds. 

The desired effect happened; participating students experiencede new situations and started to develop new visions and new ideas. Indeed, not all knowledge comes from books. Life histories hold valuable knowledge. Our program is more: it holds both academic knowledge as life knowledge. 

This is when we realized we put together our dream trip that became the basics of EduTravel; a program that offers the best of both. For students to return home with experiences and knowledge from unknown parts of society. 

Since then we have broadened and extended our experience in various Spring Break Trips and Summer Schools. We work together with regular partners and w ith program based speakers and hosts. We make sure that you will experience the knowledge of life. 

What we stand for

Why do you want to travel to the other side of the world for a summer school? So many people, so many stories, so many things, just out there. See that world and experience. Talk, meet, sit, think. Be touched. 

We firmly believe that knowledge comes in various forms. We therefore focus on experience based learning, meaning that we balance academic and field knowledge. 
But you set the frame; the field of expertise, the balance between academic and applied science, the amount of program time and leisure time, et ceteras. We build together to the tailor made program you like. 

From landing to ending we are there, 24/7. We pick you up from the airport and we will take you back. We work with experienced student tour guides and often join the program ourselves to meet with the faculty, the students and our partners.

But our pre-fun starts already way before. We use social media like Facebook to start a platform weeks before landing in the Netherlands. We answer any questions and try to arrange any personal wishes from students. Such as concert tickets, a visit to a certain city, looking for cheap plane tickets or a rugby training with a Dutch rugby team.

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