All in a day’s work

Why do you want to travel to the other side of the world for a summer school? So many people, so many stories, so many things, just out there. See that world and experience. Talk, meet, sit, think. Be touched. 

We firmly believe that knowledge comes in various forms. We therefore focus on experience based learning, meaning that we balance academic and field knowledge. 
But you set the frame; the field of expertise, the balance between academic and applied science, the amount of program time and leisure time, et ceteras. We build together to the tailor made program you like. 

From landing to ending we are there, 24/7. We pick you up from the airport and we will take you back. We work with experienced student tour guides and often join the program ourselves to meet with the faculty, the students and our partners.
But our pre-fun starts already way before. We use social media like Facebook to start a platform weeks before landing in the Netherlands. We answer any questions and try to arrange any personal wishes from students. Such as concert tickets, a visit to a certain city, looking for cheap plane tickets or a rugby training with a Dutch rugby team.


An example of a 1 week program in Amsterdam 

Tailor made program for a Criminal Justice trip

Welcome drink
Introduction on the program 
Visit red light district (evening)
Lecture on the welfare state/ politics in the Netherlands
Lecture on sex work in the Netherlands
Visit to coffeeshop (lecture by the owner)
Visit to a drug treatment clinic - lecture on drug abuse in the Netherlands
Visit to a homeless shelter
Visit to a police station in an urban poor area 
Lecture on urban crime by a criminologist and tour by police officer
Visit a youth centre in the area
Visit to the harbour police/ customs - Lecture on drug trafficking
Tour through the centre of Rotterdam (cubic houses, the market hall, etc)
Visiting a court case 
Introduction lecture on Dutch criminal law by District Attorney
Visiting a penitentiary institution
End of week debate 
Goodbye diner

An example of a 4 week program

Tailor made summer school Social Deviance, Crime and Justice


Intro week

Introduction lecture on Dutch history - Visit to Anne Frank house

Introduction lecture on Dutch Politics - Visit to Dutch Parliament

Introduction lecture on Dutch welfare system

Sex Week

Lectures on sex work, human trafficking, LGBT tolerance, abortion

Visit to Red Light district, abortion clinic, etc.

Drugs week

Lectures on soft drug policy, drug related crimes, substance abuse treatment

Visit to coffee shop, drug treatment centre, customs, etc.


Rock ‘n Roll week

Lectures on Dutch correctional system, criminal law system, police work, etc

Visit a prison, police station, etc

End of trip debate


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